Video Production

Is it possible to make a great corporate video without a cast of thousands and a large production company? Absolutely! Although the equipment has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, you still have to use it well. Evolving Picture has been working with video for over ten years, and produces stand-out corporate and advertising videos for companies and other organisations.

We work with you and we work within your budget. Nearly every aspect of the production is done in house. We plan, write, shoot and edit video, record soundtracks and voiceovers, add effects and tiles and prepare your video for a wide range of media. Every project is a custom project. All we need from you to get underway is your subject matter and our combined imagination.


Compilation of industrial video clips, shot by Evolving Picture.
Music by Chris Bennett of Evolving Picture

Growing Houses

This video is a time lapse of two highly energy efficient homes under construction by Ichijo Technological Homes in Catherine FIeld NSW

Bathurst 12hr Endurance Race

The grid start and opening laps of the 2018 Bathurst 12 hour endurance race

Video and music by Chris Bennett of Evolving Picture

Paxton Coal Mine

Drone flyover of the Stanford Main No. 2 Colliery at Paxton NSW

Video and music by Chris Bennett of Evolving Picture