The Sydney Opera House

Jørn Utzon’s award winning masterpiece of architectural design, The Sydney Opera House, stands as one of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Evolving Picture is proud to have been involved in photographing the Sydney Opera House renewal program since 2017. In that time, recording the extensive upgrades to the Joan Sutherland Theatre, followed by the Concert Hall. The complex renewal program has been undertaken by a small army of highly skilled architects, designers, engineers and craftsmen. Capital works have included comprehensive access upgrades, with the installation of glass lifts in the North and South foyers, paving of the concourse entrance in signature Opera House granite and the creation of the new Centre for Creativity and Yallamundi Rooms, to name but a few. Watching this unfold has been a fascinating experience.

More details of the Sydney Opera House’s renewal works can be found here.

The Concert hall, seen here in all its symmetrical glory, has been transformed acoustically, whilst remaining faithful to Utzon’s vision, without compromise. The stage, now lowered by 400mm to improve sightlines and create more intimacy between artists and audiences, features automated stage risers to assist interaction between performers. Above is a new, sophisticated theatre flying system and state of the art acoustic reflectors.

View, upward from the stage, showing the specially-designed acoustic “petal” reflectors, replacing the original clear acrylic “donuts”. A new automated draping system has been installed to make it easier to switch from classical to amplified mode, and to dampen reverberation and create a fuller, richer sound, for acoustic and amplified music.

A new tunnel connects the north and east foyers. Its sculptural “twist” invites you through to the next surprise, in the way the Sydney Opera House does so well.

The vast glass arc of Sydney Opera House’s Northern Foyer presents one of the world’s great views. A place to watch ships sail past the Sydney Harbour Bridge.