Portraiture¬†–¬†People telling their story through¬†a picture

I have a great passion for portraiture. I photographed for many years before I was comfortable pointing a camera at a stranger. Now it is the most satisfying thing for me in photography. I think the word “portrait” has been lost in translation. The glaring definition is that the image should portray, not mould a person into a look. My heroes of photography are the great photo journalists. They have no interest in making their subject somebody that they are not. Quite the opposite, they benefit from making the truth inescapable in a stark portrayal of what they see, and often in an instant. Geniuses! (That doesn’t include bent journalists who tell lies). Most of the images here are selected from my professional portraits, so it is rarely beneficial to show an unhappy person. Still, it is important to show somebody who is comfortable and in control of their environment.