New Site, new look

New Site, new look, new feel

After a few years without significant change the Chris Bennett Photography website has now moved over to make way for Evolving Picture. The new site is designed to look great on all devices. It provides more much information and now has video and blog pages. We will be updating the the content on an ongoing basis and posting news on what is happening at Evolving Picture.

What’s in a name?

The name “Evolving Picture” was chosen to reflect the fact that the business of Chris Bennett Photography has grown to include video production and is also a play on the fact that some of the pictures now move.


They say “a picture paints a thousand words” but a few words don’t go amiss either. The images now have useful information and, in many cases, the story behind them. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us. The pictures now display better and are easy to navigate.


Evolving Picture has produced many videos. Chris Bennett actually has been working on film and video projects, as a camera operator and in other roles for over ten years. Chris has quietly been building up the commercial side of his video business over the last five years. The first ones were posted on Vimeo in 2010. Until now that was the only place to see them. Now video content appears on the Evolving Picture website for the first time alongside Chris Bennett’s photography. Many of the videos shot for clients are confidential as they may be for internal company use or not yet released on their own websites. The sample ones here have no confidentiality issues. More samples can be shown on request.

A lot of investment in both money and time has gone into the move to incorporate video production in Evolving Picture. We are quite sure you will see the results.


This blog page will include articles about assignments, trips, equipment and other things related to what Evolving Picture does. We are open to suggestions and requests.

Chris Bennett

Professional photographer and video producer. Born in the UK and calls Australia home.